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Photos from Greece

My first visit to Greece was in the summer of 1976 by Interrail.
I had a very poor camera at that time, but after returning home I got my first Canon TX camera.

Greece became my favorite destination for holidays, and I been around many places in Greece during the years.

Cameras changed over the year , to semi-automatic Canon , small digital pocket cameras and digital Canon d400 and now a Canon EOS 7D (which I got from Xiaohu :-)

And then ... still most pictures are taking with my Smartphone - Huawei p9 , which actually takes quite good photos.

Have a look at some of my photos from this page or see all my photos from Greece

  • Gythion - early morning Photo: Otto Leholt
    Early morning in Gythion on southern Peloponnese , apx. 1978
    © Otto Leholt
  • Skiathos 1976 - at the Taverna Mesogia Photo: Otto Leholt
    Skiathos 1976 - Two old men taking a rest at the Taverna Mesogia
    © Otto Leholt
  • Tunafish - in Skiathos 1976 Photo: Otto Leholt
    Skiathos 1976 - Tuna fish fresh from sea
    © Otto Leholt
  • women spinning in Sithonia - northern Greece 1976  Photo: Otto Leholt
    Women spinning in Sithonia - northern Greece 1976
    © Otto Leholt
  • Beach town Koroni on Peloponnese  Photo: Otto Leholt
    Beach town Koroni on Peloponnese
    © Otto Leholt
  • otto-sleeping-on-beach-in-samos-1989  Photo: Otto Leholt
    Sleeping on the beach in Samos 1989
    © Otto Leholt
  • Parthenon tempel on Akropolis 1976  Photo: Otto Leholt
    Parthenon tempel on Akropolis 1976
    © Otto Leholt
  • Old man resting in Anidri Taverna 2018 Photo: Otto Leholt
    Old man resting in Anidri Taverna 2018
    © Otto Leholt

Selected photos ...

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Solopgang bag bjergene

Her en morgen fra Paleochora - solen er endnu skjult bag bjergene mod øst, men jeg kunne ikke stå for nuancer i gråt og gult ....
d. 20-11-2019 10:43:06
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Solnedgang over Amager

Det er måske banalt med solnedgange, men her fra 7.sal er det alligevel svært ikke at blive imponeret over de solnedgange som vi kan se herfra.
Her med Ørsted værket i baggrunden
d. 20-11-2019 10:41:17
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Vandmelon i Anidri

Egentlig bryder jeg mig ikke om vandmelon , foretrækker til enhver tid honningmelon. Men denne blev serveret i den lille bjerg by, Anidri på sydkysten af Kreta. Her var der ingen honningmelon, men til gengæld var rammerne perfekte - og lys og farver kaldte på et billede.

Geography & history

I have been studying geography and history at Roskile University from 1978-84 and from feb 1985 I have been employed at Frederiksberg HF kursus teaching geography and history. From mid 90's I was responsible for our print-servers and our website from 1998-2018.

During the last 1-2 years I started writing some of the geography text myself, besides my comprehensive online notes

Noter til geografi Noter til historie

My articles on geography:

Demografi - en introduktion

Økonomi - erhverv og levevilkår

Det globale fødevareproblem

Klimatologi - en introduktion

Klimaændringer og global opvarmning

Geo videoer

China - traveling & writing

Since 2009 I have had the opportunity to visit China for nine times. I got a great introduction to China on my first visit i 2009 by Jing Xie and Anders Kjær.
I had five visits on my own to China - going many many places.

Later I married Qu Gao and we have had 4 visits together, seeing her family , friends and special places.

Chinese history writing

Since spring 2012 I started to study chinese history from the very beginning. It became and ongoing projekt for some years , and produced around 850 pages of writing on Chinese history.

Since then I boiled it down to 250 pages , and right now I'm cooking on - reducing the writing to some 120 pages - which could be a small textbook for educational use or other...

Feel free to visit my

China history page

Lectures on Chinas history

I offer lectures on chinese history - from distant past to present day Please - see
  • ancient-city-in-anhui-provinse-china.jpg © Otto Leholt
    The Moon pond in the ancient village Hongcun, Anhui-provinse © Otto Leholt
  • Barnedåb i Tangzi township © Otto Leholt
    Barnedåb i Tangzi township © Otto Leholt
  • Beijing - ring 3 seen from 52. floor 2012,  © Otto Leholt
    Beijing - ring 3 seen from 52. floor 2012© Otto Leholt
  • Migrant workers i Xi'an having a rest at lunchtime  © Otto Leholt
    Migrant building workers having a rest at lunchtime © Otto Leholt
  • great-wall-of-china  © Otto Leholt 1. april 2009
    The Great wall of China at Mutianyu © Otto Leholt
  • new-city-Guangzhou-2010 © Otto Leholt
    New city in Guangzhou 2010 © Otto Leholt
  • Photo with student in Luizhou 2010 © Otto Leholt
    Photo with student in Luizhou 2010 © Otto Leholt
  • villages from above - Chongqing © Otto Leholt
    Villages seen from above - Chongqing China © Otto Leholt
  • Shanghai seen from Pudong 2011 © Otto Leholt
    Shanghai seen from Pudong 2011, China © Otto Leholt
  • Urbanizing the country in Chongqing 2014 © Otto Leholt
    Urbanizing the countryside in Chongqing 2014© Otto Leholt


I have been making webpages since 1995-96, when it was still quite easy to keep up with the technical skills on www. Mentioned in 1998

In the end of 1990's I teached webprogramming with Frontpage (!) at Copenhagen Business School and also learned highschool teachers to use Office programs (Gymnasie-It) In the end of the 1990'ere I started to learn ASP Classic programming and database-integration (Acces og MySQL) on the web. Beginning of the 0's Cascating Style Sheets (CSS) was the new way to make formatting and layout on the web.

In the last few years I been working a little with jQuery and quite a lot with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Certifikat

SEO for my pages and for some pages I did'nt do ;-)

Why they all look the same ..?

Few years ago it was WordPress that made all webpages look pretty much the same ... now it is Bootstrap (which I just realized early oct 2018 ;-). I don't find it very flexible to work with, so I started to learn a new technic for web-design called CSS GRID, but soon came to realize that first I should learn to use Flexbox ;-)

How I do it ...? I have been using 'Notepad' for 20 yr - must be the last guy in the universe that still handcodes!

My web-projects:

The database contains:  10 links.

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Kinas historie

Website om mit bog projekt om kinas historie samt tilbud om foredrag og undervisning ikinas historie

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Kinesisk mandarin

Få undervisning i kinesisk mandarin - lær at tale et korrekt kinesisk som også kineserne vil kunne forstå

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Try this demo website - upload your own pictures - edit text etc - all text and graphics can be edited online on the website.

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China pictures

Billeder fra Kina - fra mine rejser til Kina siden 2009 ; Beijing , Shanghai, Wuhan, Xiaogan, Xi'an, Yannan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming, Nanning, Goungzhou, Dongguan, Hong Kong m.fl

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Svensk Ødegård

Svensk ødegård - kun 90 Km fra Øresundbroen - udlejes plads til 4 voksne + 4 børn.

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Website om meditationskurser mv som min gode kollega Johan Smith afholder

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My Flash - the one and only

Mit første og eneste forsøg med Flash .. !
Jeg lavede det tilbage i ..tror det var 1997-98
Sjovt - men tidskrævende ..

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Ødegård i Sverige

Stor ødegård med plads til 24 gæster, på grænsen mellem Skåne og Blekinge udlejes.

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Link database

Linkdatabase - brugerne tilføjer selv link under kategorier og emner.
Ser forfærdeligt ud - er ikke redigeret i mange år :-(

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Billeder fra Grækenland

Billeder fra mange års ferie og rejser i Grækenland - du kan også uploade dine egne billeder hertil.

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Playing Golf

  • Selected photos by © Otto Leholt
    Golftur til Jylland 2005.jpg
  • Selected photos by © Otto Leholt
    Henrik Dresøe slår ud på banen i Gilford.jpg
  • Selected photos by © Otto Leholt
    Henrik og Jens på Isaberg GC.jpg
  • Selected photos by © Otto Leholt
    Henrik på Royal GC.jpg
  • Selected photos by © Otto Leholt
  • Selected photos by © Otto Leholt
    Mitsubitsi-Carisma ved Vesterhavet.jpg
  • Selected photos by © Otto Leholt
    Tidlig morgen Skjoldnæsholm GC.jpg
Besides teaching, writing and programming, I have had lot of pleasure (and pain) in playing golf.

I started out - long time ago in 2003, introduced by my good friend Henrik Dressøe.

I was a member in Skjoldnæsholm Golfclub since 2004/05 until I changed to my present club , Royal Golf in 2012.

Like programming - golf is only for those of us who are very patient ;-)

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  • Otto Leholt 2015
    Med grå stænk ...2016.
  • Otto Leholt 2010
  • Otto Leholt 1980
    Young man with pipe (1980)
  • Otto Leholt 1976
    Younger in Greece (1976)
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