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My name is Otto Leholt.I live in Copenhagen Denmark. On this page I have collected some of the websites I have made.

I made my first webpages in 1995/96 when this was still a new and virgin technology, and when even I was able to catch up with the programming languages. Since when everything developed very very fast. I'm familiar with HTML5 and CSS, and database integration (ASP, Access + MySQL) . During the last year I have focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and jQuery.

I'm a senior master in history and geography and has been teaching at Frederiksberg HF kursus for many many years . .

Besides teaching and webprogramming I 'm a passionated golfplayer - although this game often require skills that I not really master.

Since 2009 I have been lucky to travel to China several times.
Fel free to have a look at my pictures from China.
During the last few years I have been working on a history book about Chinas long and dramatic history - from early times until present day . This work has been quite comprehensive and I'm not really sure whatever will be the final outcome from this ... I let you know :-) Sign my contactlist
  • ancient-city-in-anhui-provinse-china.jpg Photo: Otto Leholt
    The Moon pond in the ancient village Hongcun, Anhui-provinse in China
    © Otto Leholt
  • Gythion - early morning Photo: Otto Leholt
    Early morning in Gythion on the south part of Peloponnese, Greece
    © Otto Leholt
  • Koo-phi-phi in Thailand -1991.jpgPhoto: Otto Leholt
    The beautiful island of Koo-phi-phi in Thailand 1991
    © Otto Leholt
  • Skiathos 1976 - at the Taverna Mesogia Photo: Otto Leholt
    Skiathos 1976 - Two old men taking a rest at the Taverna Mesogia
    © Otto Leholt
  • women spinning in Sithonia - northern Greece 1976  Photo: Otto Leholt
    Women spinning in Sithonia - northern Greece 1976
    © Otto Leholt
  • fruit-salad-in-creete.jpg Photo: Otto Leholt
    A Greek fruit salad with honey
    © Otto Leholt
  • pangandaran-Indonesia-1990.jpg Photo: Otto Leholt
    Pangandaran on the south coast of Java, Indonesia 1990
    © Otto Leholt
  • Construction workers in China having a rest Photo: Otto Leholt
    Construction workers having a rest, Xi'an, China
    © Otto Leholt

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